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Congratulations, you’ve found yourself among a community of Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs and Business owners creating wealth using ethical and extremely profitable modern strategies.
If you’re looking for shiny self proclaimed ‘Gurus’ this is not the place for you.
However if you are ready for a life change, if you are sick of making ends meet and you are ready to create life changing sustainable wealth for yourself and your family, congratulations and welcome. There has never been a better or more exciting time in history for those that believe, that truly know they are meant to do amazing things and serve the world and their loved ones in a bigger way.
Kemi Egan & Laura West are definitely not ‘gurus’. They are passionate entrepreneurs just like you. They achieved financial freedom by creating a multi million dollar property portfolio and attracting $1,000,000 joint venture finance in less than 12 months, while homeless! They have gone on to create a multi million dollar property portfolio and multiple streams of income from various businesses.
They founded Freedom Academies after meeting thousands of disillusioned and frustrated entrepreneurs looking for a proven success strategy.

“I have literally doubled my profits and I plan on buying another investment property next month! The knowledge they give you is absolutely incredible. What I personally liked the most is they give you real life examples on how to be successful in this business, it’s not just a bunch of talk with no action. They don’t hold anything back in this program. I’m impressed!!”

Kristina Johnson


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#1 International Bestseller

WARNING: If you are looking for the next “great rich quick”, “magic formula”, “scheme” or “hot tip” put this book down, it is NOT for you! If however, you are sick of working all the hours under the sun, missing time with your family, wondering why some people have money and your dream lifestyle yet you’re always broke and you are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve levels of wealth you never thought possible and create your dream lifestyle then read on.  The author has created a manual to show you how to create the strategic action plan and millionaire mind-set to transform your life using real estate. In this blueprint to wealth Kemi shows you: How you can use real estate to create massive wealth and the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of How you can use other people’s time, money and experience to buy real estate The perfect real estate strategy for YOU How you can and why you should buy property with none of your own money.

Money On Demand

Want to invest in a business or property, but don’t have any money or have poor credit history? This CD set will banish those barriers that are stopping you from investing. Poor credit or lack of cash is no problem and this program will tell you how to do it. It will reveal the strategies I used to raise $1m in private finance in under 12 months whilst I was homeless with a poor credit score with little to no experience.

High achievers training on Advanced Property investment strategies, techniques, mindsets, persuasion skills. Learn up to date, ethical and effective investment strategies direct from property millionaires. Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination? How do you raise finance for your investments with limited experience? How do you work with vendors to solve their problems and make thousands of pounds? How do you know which strategy to employ to nail the deals in 2 meetings or less? If you think about it, knowing one strategy is OK but what would happen if you knew all the strategies and had the paperwork and contracts to go with them? Imagine that coupled with the tips to get estate agents on your side and vendors accepting your offers? What would happen to your income if I showed you step by step how we attracted $1m of joint venture finance while homeless?


with Freedom Academies

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Take responsibility of your current financial situation – Where are you? – Kemi Egan Freedom Academies

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Get the Wealth Mindset by Failing Forward with Kemi Egan

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Little to No Money Down Real Estate Investing Wealth Strategy


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123 Places To Find Deal Buyers

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Looking for investors to buy your property deals? Here’s 123 places to find them… Some are paid, a whole heap are free. Get on it. Adverts in 1. Free Newspapers 2. Local newspapers 3. School brochure 4. TV guide 5. Professional Magazines e.g attorneys or dentists magazine 6. Community leaflet 7. Church / Parish Magazine 8. Hotel Magazine 9. Real…

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Copy of This is why your house sale will fall through

Creative Property Finance ~ Seller Finance

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Creative Property Finance ~ Seller Finance One of the most common questions new investors have is how to get started with little or no money. One of the best ways to do this is using seller financing, in fact regardless of your financial situation it’s a strategy that can dramatically increase the speed of your portfolio growth. This guide will…

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Acquire & Sell A Deal In 14 Days

Acquire & Sell A Deal In 14 Days

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I know usually put up a new blog post on a Saturday but with BREXIT I was elbow deep with the team adjusting and tweaking our marketing to take advantage of the opportunities that are about to show themselves so apologies but this is really cool so I wanted to make sure you got it! This is one of the…

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